Ozil and Gundogan’s Erdogan photos means German furore

Mesut Özil and President Erdogan, 13 May 18Image copyright

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Mesut Özil (L) presented President Erdogan with his Arsenal shirt

The German Football Federation (DFB) has criticised a internationals Mesut Özil and Ilkay Gündogan for posing in photos with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The dual German-born players, both of Turkish origin, gave Mr Erdogan sealed shirts during an eventuality in London on Sunday.

Gündogan wrote: “For my celebrated President, with good respect.” Mr Erdogan is campaigning for re-election.

Özil plays for Arsenal and Gündogan for Manchester City.

Both players are scheming for subsequent month’s Fifa World Cup in Russia, in that Germany is among a favourites. Turkey did not qualify.

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Three Turkish-origin stars acted with Mr Erdogan (L-R): Ilkay Gündogan (Man City); Mesut Özil (Arsenal) and Cenk Tosun (Everton)

Many German politicians have also criticised a footballers, doubt their faithfulness to German approved values.

DFB boss Reinhard Grindel said: “Football and a DFB urge values that are not amply reputable by Mr Erdogan.

“That’s because it’s not good that a general players let themselves be manipulated for his electoral campaign. In doing that, a players have positively not helped a DFB’s work on integration.”

DFB executive Oliver Bierhoff said: “Neither one of them was wakeful of a mystic value of this photo, though it’s clearly not right and we’ll be articulate to them about it”.

In his youth, before entering politics in a 1990s, Mr Erdogan played football semi-professionally for an Istanbul team, Kasimpasa.

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Mr Erdogan, in energy for a past 15 years, is seeking re-election in a snap check on 24 June.

His Islamist-rooted AK Party has burst down tough on opponents, generally given a Jul 2016 manoeuvre try by troops officers.

Turkish troops have arrested some-more than 50,000 people indicted of links to US-based Islamic minister Fethullah Gulen or to Kurdish separatists. They embody antithesis activists, journalists, teachers, lawyers and other open servants.

Mr Erdogan has also purged a military, troops and judiciary, putting many state officials on trial.

He has combined a absolute presidency given winning an Apr 2017 referendum on inherent changes, enabling him to browbeat council and control a judiciary.

A distinguished Turkish-origin MP in Germany, Sevim Dagdelen, tweeted: “It’s a wanton tainted to poise with a autocrat Erdogan in a oppulance hotel in London and enhance him with a pretension ‘my President’, while in Turkey democrats are persecuted and vicious reporters are detained.”

She is emissary personality of a severe Die Linke organisation in a Bundestag.

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After a critique erupted, Gündogan released a matter fortifying himself, Özil and Cenk Tosun over their assembly with Mr Erdogan.

They met on a sidelines of an eventuality during a Turkish substructure that helps Turkish students, he explained.

“Are we ostensible to be uncivil to a boss of a families’ homeland?” he asked.

“Whatever fit critique there competence be, we motionless on a gesticulate of politeness, out of honour for a bureau of boss and for a Turkish roots.”

He pronounced “it was not a goal to make a domestic matter with this picture”.

Turkish-origin Cem Özdemir, a distinguished German Green MP and pointy censor of Mr Erdogan, pounded Gündogan’s “my President” message.

“The sovereign boss of a German general footballer is called Frank-Walter Steinmeier, a chancellor is Angela Merkel and a council is called a German Bundestag,” he said.