‘Ovarian hankie freezing’ might yield wish for flood diagnosis : Research

Ovarian hankie cryopreservation should be deliberate as a viable choice for flood preservation. (Source: File Photo)

Ovarian hankie frozen can be an choice process to foster fertility, generally in women who can't bear egg frozen due to cancer or other medical reasons, researchers say.

The procession that is still deliberate initial involves dismissal and frozen of ovarian hankie for after use. The study, published in a biography Reproductive Sciences, showed that ovarian hankie frozen helped scarcely 4 out of 10 (37.7 per cent) women to have children after in life. Between 1999 and 2016, a sum of 309 ovarian hankie frozen procedures resulted in 84 births and 8 pregnancies that lasted over a initial trimester, information showed.

“Despite a clinical swell within a past dual decades, a procession still stays in a initial realm,” pronounced Fernanda Pacheco from a Innovation Fertility Preservation and IVF in New York, US.

“Now, women deliberation this procession to safety flood and postpone childbearing have some-more information during their disposal. Given these new data, ovarian hankie cryopreservation should be deliberate as a viable choice for flood preservation,” Pacheco added.

The procession also easy reproductive functions. It topsy-turvy menopause in scarcely dual out of 3 women (63.9 per cent). This enclosed possibly a resumed menstrual cycle, ovarian follicular growth, or healthy fertility. Ideally, egg frozen is finished by cancer patients before commencement their treatments such as chemotherapy, deviation therapy, that can have durability impact on their fertility.

Kutluk Oktay, from New York Medical College, who achieved a world’s initial ovarian hankie cryopreservation in 1999 considers a procession is higher to egg frozen as it can also retreat reproductive functions.

“The subsequent limit is to try a procedure’s intensity in loitering childbearing among healthy women, not only cancer patients,” Oktay added.

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