‘Orange Is The New Black’ Actress Dascha Polanco Arrested For Punching Minor


“Orange Is The New Black” singer Dascha Polanco is looking during probable conflict charges after a teenager lady indicted a starlet of punching her in a heartless conflict that led to her arrest.

Michelle Cardona claims that Dascha kick adult a 17-year aged lady during her home in Upper Manhattan behind in July. Dascha Polanco had her day in justice on Thursday, Dec 3 for a purported Jul attack.

The Orange Is a New Black star will expected face charges of assault, attempted conflict and nuisance for a purported conflict of a teenager that led to her Jul 29 arrest. Now here is where it gets weird. According to a justice documents, Dascha Polanco invited a 17-year aged lady over to her NYC apartment.

The reports explain that she sent Michelle Cardona a content summary to entice her over and once inside a home, Dascha pounded her. It is misleading since Dascha might have pounded a Cardona like that or if she did during all.

Dascha’s stay claims a whole conflict claim is simply a income grab. Polanco’s counsel Gerald Lefcourt expelled a matter that claimed. “It’s a setup to try to get income and it was tape-recorded.”

Lefcourt continued, “This immature lady was perplexing to extract her to dump a case. We’re assured a charges will be dismissed.” Michelle Cardona did revisit a sanatorium and was pang from“bruising and redness to her face, scratches to her arms, and estimable pain,” according to justice documents.

Cardona got pounded by somebody or she did a good pursuit of creation it demeanour that way. Also, Dascha’s counsel never pronounced his customer was trusting – only that Cardona attempted to get a discerning payout for a beatdown and since of that, a decider will chuck it out.

Whether Polanco kick adult a 17-year aged or not, there is still a doubt of since she invited Cardona over to her residence in a initial place and how did that housecall spin into a fist fight?

Was it over a male or was Cardona a bad babysitter? There is no word on a unfolding that brought Dascha and Michelle together and since a 33-year aged singer would conflict someone scarcely half her age in a initial place.

Image Credit: Instagram