Oprah’s Favorite Bagel Hybrid Is Now Available during Starbucks

Perhaps we initial schooled about Bantam Bagels Bagel Balls by a founder’s Jan ’15 Shark Tank appearance, or maybe Oprah’s Favorite Things endorsement irritated your interest. Either way, it’s satisfactory to contend that these cream-cheese-stuffed bagel bites have been a buzzy item. Up until recently, a usually ways to get a ambience for yourself concerned a outing to a emporium in New York’s West Village neighborhood, a pricey mail order, or catering operations via New York City. All of that is to contend that Starbucks’s preference to supplement 3 of a flavors — original, french toast, and all — to a menus of many locations in New York City, Philadelphia, and Indianapolis means a outrageous burst in accessibility to a doughnut holes of a bagel world.

Curious to see what all a hype is about, we popped into a Manhattan Starbucks to try them for ourselves. Sadly, a plcae was sole out of a strange season (plain bagel pressed with cream cheese), though we were means to representation a french toast (cinnamon-nutmeg egg bagel pressed with maple syrup cream cheese) and all (everything bagel pressed with unfeeling cream cheese), ($1.75 any or $3 for two).

Our verdict? While a flavors are loyal to life and flattering damn tasty, we had a tiny gripe: a ratio of cream cheese to bagel is a bit off, quite in a all iteration, with too most bagel to cream cheese. (If your go-to sequence is a scooped bagel, bagel balls competence not be for you.) Still, they’re a fun, novel take on this classical breakfast bite.
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