One Direction Planning Epic Response To Justin Bieber’s Album Release Date Diss

Things are about to get flattering ungainly for Justin Bieber. Now that the ‘What Do You Mean?’ thespian clearly dissed One Direction on Snapchat, has EXCLUSIVELY schooled they’re formulation to strike him behind hard. ‘Justin should be concerned,’ a source says.

Justin Bieber might have bitten off some-more than he could gnaw when he clearly dissed One Direction in a recent Snapchat video. The 21-year-old thespian hidden that 1D should be scared, deliberation they’re releasing their new manuscript on a same day he’s releasing his, though a super renouned child rope are shouting during a Biebs. In fact, they’re formulation an epic response to his diss.

Harry Styles and a rest of his bandmates saw Justin’s Snapchat video about a manuscript recover date and they consider it’s funny. “It’s kind of like an inside fun they have and will continue to play off of any other. The guys didn’t take it as a diss. In fact, they will many expected come out with something on their possess about their recover date and how Justin should be concerned,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

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The guys seems to have some-more of a accessible foe with Justin, rather than a feud, though if we were him, we’d still be worried. In box we missed Justin’s video, that he posted on Spapchat Sept. 29, he said, “The face we make when we come out with an manuscript a same day as Justin Bieber.” Then, he proceeded to make a shocked face. He didn’t name 1D by name, though they are releasing Made In The A.M. on a same day that Justin’s releasing his new manuscript — Nov. 13. We’re extraordinary to see what a boys will do in response to Justin.

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— Chris Rogers, Reporting by Sandra Clark