‘Once Upon A Time’: Elliot Knight Teases Merlin’s Impact, Camelot & More

Oncers were finally introduced to Merlin in a deteriorate 5 premiere of ‘Once Upon A Time.’ HollywoodLife.com spoke EXCLUSIVELY to Elliot Knight about what’s subsequent for Merlin, including what’s going down in Camelot and so many more!

Merlin was a faceless character last deteriorate on Once Upon A Time, though now he has a face. He’s going to have a bigger purpose than ever in deteriorate 5 of a strike show, and Elliot Knight spilled EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife.com about what to design from Merlin in a entrance episodes. From Emma to Camelot, it’s going to be a furious float for Merlin!

We initial met Merlin behind in 1989, when Emma was only a child. So, where does he go from here? “Obviously, we know that Merlin is super critical to what’s going to exhibit in terms of events for Emma, who apparently has an impact on everyone. He’s really going to have an impact on everybody and everything,” Elliot told HollywoodLife.com.

Before Emma truly embraces a darkness, she travels to Camelot with King Arthur to try and find Merlin. Camelot is going to open adult a new universe for a Once Upon A Time characters and exhibit so many answers about Merlin.

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“He’s really many tied to Camelot. A lot of a answers distortion in Camelot,” Elliot continued. “That doesn’t meant that he’s there, and I’m not observant that’s not true. If they wish to find out where Merlin is, a answers are in Camelot.”

In further to what goes down in Camelot, fans can design to learn a lot more about Merlin’s backstory. Elliot suggested that digging deeper into Merlin’s past means going “deeper into a whole universe of sorcery and all a realms that exist.”

Merlin’s certain to cocktail behind adult again, and he’s bringing a play with him. “Whenever he is around, things is going to go down. Be prepared for that. There is a lot of drama,” Elliot told us. He also teased that Emma and Merlin are going to have a “link” this season. Whether or not that means they’ll come face-to-face stays unclear.

According to Elliot, during a finish of a day, Merlin is “human. He’s one of a many tellurian people. He’s not above normal feelings or interactions with people or bargain people or frustrations. He’s really many firm by that. That’s also creates him so powerful, we would think.”

Once Upon A Time front Sundays during 8 p.m. on ABC.

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— Avery Thompson