Offset Reveals Album Release Date — with Intimate Footage of Cardi B Delivering Their Daughter

Offset has a attention.

The Migos rapper, 27, suggested a recover date of his arriving solo manuscript and concomitant documentary on Sunday evening, pity a video montage of himself in a recording studio, FaceTiming with his son, behaving on theatre — and being in a room during a Jul 10 birth of daughter Kulture Kiari, his initial child with mother Cardi B.

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In a latter clip, shown during a finish of a montage, Offset stands behind Cardi B‘s shoulders as she gives birth, looking endangered as his mother yells out in pain and throws her conduct back.

Another angle shows him wearing a while hoodie while station nearby a sanatorium room door, looking wide-eyed in startle before a camera zooms in dramatically and a video reveals a recover date: Feb. 22.

Offset’s entrance manuscript will come dual months after The New York Times reported it would be released: on a rapper’s 27th birthday, Dec. 14. After Quavo and Takeoff, he is a final Migos’ member to dump a solo record.



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Two months after news that a span had called it quits amid a cheating scandal — only to reunite repeatedly, including in Atlanta during a Super Bowl — Cardi B, 26, and Offset done their settlement red carpet-official during Sunday’s Grammy Awards.

Cardi and Offset acted for photographers before disposition in to share a lick. In one of a photos, Cardi — who wore a show-stopping pinkish and black Mugler design with an elaborate waistline and pearls wrapped around her neck and hair — hold Offset’s hands and leaned in toward him to hold tongues.

In her acceptance debate for best swat album, the Invasion of Privacy hitmaker brought her lover onstage, where she thanked their daughter for assisting make her dreams come true.

“I wish to appreciate … the Migos, you, husband, appreciate you,” she pronounced after expressing her thankfulness for other artists who helped on her record. “Seriously, he was like, ‘You gonna do this album, girl. We gonna have this baby and we gonna make this album.’ “

Offset and Cardi B

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And their matrimony is not for anyone solely themselves. As Cardi B told PEOPLE of her attribute standing in a vehement interview in Atlanta forward of a Super Bowl, “It’s a personal thing.”

“My attribute — my matrimony — is not for [anyone else],” pronounced a “I Like It” rapper — still, she added, they are “just holding things slow. We have a baby right now. That’s like a genuine large focus.”

“I hang out with him, we speak to him each day and we do a thing,” she continued of Offset. “To make things ideal … it takes time. You know, f—ing and unresolved out doesn’t meant that we guys are on like a ideal note, it takes time. It takes time. And it’s a matrimony and there’s a child concerned and family involved.”