Officials: Stabbing of 9-year-old child ‘audition’ for ISIS

Stabbing Of Boy, 9, Possible ISIS Audition

A tyro who allegedly plotted a Times Square explosve conflict is also suspected in a stabbing of a immature boy, as partial of an audition to join ISIS.

Police contend that final January, 21-year-old Fareed Mumuni stabbed 9-year-old Jermaine Culver in a neck as he was walking to propagandize in Staten Island.

Culver survived a conflict though a box went unsolved for some time.

Watch a tender video of a stabbing below:

9-Year-Old Boy Stabbed While Walking To School In NYC

Recently, Mumuni became a chairman of seductiveness after being arrested and charged with several militant offenses. He is also indicted of attempting to gash a Federal agent during a raid on his home in June.

WPIX reports that detectives trust Mumuni providing element support to ISIS, and stabbing Culver was partial of a botched try-out to join a militant group.

He faces 85 years in jail for his supposed crimes.

See what life looks like underneath ISIS rule:

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