October film recover LIVE UPDATES: Review, assembly greeting and more

Amitabh Bachchan: “OCTOBER film, एक पुष्प ‘हरृंगार’ ( harshringaar ) का, gentle, soft, श्री Krishn called it ‘Paarijaat’, in Bengal ‘Shiuli’ singular tree, does not wait flowers to give fruits or seeds… blooms in moonlight… sheds a flowers before sunrise, like a tears shower…”

Karan Johar: “#October is positively beautiful… usually beautiful….sucks we into a universe and absorbs we completely…I felt like we was station there with a characters and feeling their each kick and emotion….@ShoojitSircar and @writeonj are a talent team!”

Pooja Bhatt: “My intense wishes to a expel organisation of #October for their recover today.This is a kind of film we contingency support since it is done with perfect conviction,belief many importantly by eccentric producers-a singular multiply in a universe that has been taken over by corporate mindsets.”

Taapsee Pannu: “Having watched #October usually one word comes to my mind “Beautiful” and that’s a feeling it leaves behind @ShoojitSircar and @writeonj we are a kickass combo! @Varun_dvn we have never seen u so free on shade before! @BanitaSandhu acquire to cinema 💞”

Ayushmann Khurrana: “Subtlety in adore is rare. And that too on a celluloid is a rarest form of cinema. #October celebrates loyal unselfish love. @Varun_dvn’s ignorance is so endearing. @BanitaSandhu is a good discovery. Thank we @ShoojitSircar da @writeonj @ronnielahiri da ♥️”

Sophie Choudry: “Ur a shining actor @Varun_dvn though some-more than that u are a pleasing tellurian being and that’s what shows by in a approach u have portrayed Dan. Such an honest, endearing, supportive performance.I now know because this film meant so most to u❤️ Congrats All a best group #October”