Obama vows to overcome apprehension threat

Media captionPresident Obama: “We can't spin opposite one another by vouchsafing this quarrel be tangible as a quarrel between America and Islam”

US President Barack Obama has finished a singular Oval Office residence after a San Bernardino shootings that left 14 dead.

He pronounced a killings were “an act of terrorism designedto kill trusting people”.

But “freedom is some-more absolute than fear,” pronounced President Obama, warning that descending chase to divisiveness in American multitude would play into a hands of extremists.

He also pronounced a US contingency make it harder for intensity enemy to obtain guns.

Mr Obama vowed that a US would overcome a elaborating hazard of terrorism, though warned that Americans “cannot spin opposite one another by vouchsafing this quarrel be tangible as a quarrel between America and Islam”.

“If we’re to attain in defeating terrorism, we contingency enroll Muslim communities as some of a strongest allies, rather than pull them divided by guess and hate,” Mr Obama said.

He reminded his assembly that Muslim-Americans were partial of US society.

“And, yes, they are a organisation and women in uniform who are peaceful to die in counterclaim of a country. We have to remember that,” he said.

The boss warned that branch opposite America’s Muslim communities would be accurately what Islamist extremists in a supposed Islamic State organisation want.

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The boss pronounced a San Bernardino sharpened is partial of a change in devise by Islamist groups

Mr Obama told Americans that terrorism had entered a new phase, from vast scale attacks by al-Qaeda to reduction difficult attacks by radicalised individuals.

He pronounced a US would pull on “every aspect of American power” to quarrel IS.

He underscored that a US and a allies have increasing their bombing of Islamic State oil infrastructure and would continue to sight and supply assuage rebels in Iraq and Syria.

“Our troops will continue to hunt down militant plotters in any nation where it is necessary,” he said.

The boss combined that there are a array of things that can be finished on home dirt to quarrel terrorism.

He called for stricter gun control and pronounced he had systematic a Departments of State and Homeland Security to examination a K-1 fiance visa programme underneath that a womanlike assailant in San Bernardino creatively entered a US.

This was usually a third Oval Office residence of Mr Obama’s presidency – they are indifferent for events of inhabitant importance.

Analysis: Anthony Zurcher, BBC North America reporter

President Barack Obama for a initial time finished a transparent tie between a array of lethal attacks on US dirt during his time in office.

The Boston Marathon bombing and shootings during a troops bottom in Texas, an Army recruiting hire in Tennessee and now in San Bernardino all paint a “new phase” of “terrorist threat” to a US, he said.

Mr Obama’s idea was to remonstrate an increasingly distrustful US open that he has a devise to residence this risk – that doesn’t engage vast numbers of US army in a Middle East, forward monitoring of American Muslims or framing a dispute as one with all of Islam.

While a boss might find support for a congressional permission of troops force to quarrel IS, he will annoy many with his call to forestall those on a militant watch list from purchasing firearms and place larger boundary on a sale of “powerful conflict weapons”.

Mr Obama might have finished his debate by propelling Americans to harmonize around their common ideals, though there are few issues some-more divisive in a US than that of gun rights.

Ongoing investigation

Mr Obama’s debate was in response to a mass sharpened by a married integrate that left 14 dead.

Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and his mother Tashfeen Malik, 29, non-stop glow on an bureau Christmas celebration and were after killed in a shootout with police.

In his speech, a boss characterised IS as “thugs and killers”, adding: “The hazard from terrorism is real, though we will overcome it.”

The organisation pronounced in a radio promote that a integrate that carried out a conflict were IS supporters, though gave no denote that IS was concerned in a planning.

The FBI is also looking into reports Malik posted a summary on Facebook pledging devotion to IS around a time of a attacks.

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Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farook

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The integrate used handguns and semi-automatic weapons that had been legally purchased in a US, military say.

Bomb equipment, weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition were after found in their home.

It is a deadliest mass sharpened in a US given 26 people were killed during a propagandize in Connecticut in 2012.

The authorities pronounced there was no denote so distant a killers were partial of an “organised organisation or shaped partial of a broader militant cell”.

A presidential centrepiece

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President Obama has used Oval Office speeches sparingly, compared with prior presidents. His prior dual addresses, both in 2010, lonesome a Deepwater Horizon oil brief and a finish of quarrel operations in Iraq.

Other poignant Oval Office addresses include:

  • George W Bush following a 9/11 attacks of 2001
  • Ronald Reagan on a Space Shuttle Challenger blast in 1986
  • Richard Nixon announcing his abdication in 1974
  • John F Kennedy on a Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962

The Wall Street Journal says Mr Obama’s use of a Oval debate to cover a apprehension hazard “underscores how critical a emanate has turn for both a White House and a increasingly unsettled country”.