Obama to chair counter-terror summit

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The US is seeking support for a quarrel opposite groups including Islamic State

US President Barack Obama is set to chair a UN entertainment of universe leaders to plead counter-terrorism.

The US is seeking support for a quarrel opposite groups including Islamic State (IS).

The assembly comes a day after Mr Obama and a leaders of Russia, China and Iran addressed a UN General Assembly (UNGA) on a 70th anniversary.

Russian President Vladimir Putin met Mr Obama on a sidelines of a UNGA to plead a Syrian war.

That meeting, and a leaders’ speeches during a UNGA, have highlighted splits about how to finish a conflict.

Russia will chair a possess assembly on Wednesday on tackling extremism as this month’s UN Security Council president.

In his debate to a UNGA on Monday, Mr Obama pronounced concede among powers would be essential to finale a Syrian conflict, that has claimed some-more than 200,000 lives and forced 4 million people to rush abroad.

He also called for a origination of a “broad anti-terror coalition” to quarrel IS, comparing it to a general army that fought opposite Nazi Germany in World War Two.

The US and Russian leaders have prolonged differed on Syria: a US and France contend Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad contingency go, while Russia has been a fixed fan of a regime in Damascus and has recently stepped adult troops support.

Some Western leaders have recently malleable their position towards a Syrian president, surrender that he competence be means to stay in energy during a domestic transition.

Syria’s polite war

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What’s a tellurian cost?

More than 250,000 Syrians have been killed and one million harmed in 4 and a half years of armed conflict, that began with anti-government protests before sharpening into a full-scale polite war.

And a survivors?

More than 11 million others have been forced from their homes, 4 million of them abroad, as army constant to President Assad and those opposite to his order dispute any other – as good as jihadist militants from IS. Growing numbers of refugees are going to Europe.

How has a universe reacted?

Regional and universe powers have also been drawn into a conflict. Iran and Russia, along with Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement, are propping adult a Alawite-led government. Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are subsidy a Sunni-dominated opposition, along with a US, UK and France.

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The hazard of IS extremists and a upsurge of Syrian refugees to Europe has combined coercion to a hunt for a understanding to finish a polite war.

Observers also continue to news attacks on civilians by supervision forces.

A US-led bloc has been carrying out atmosphere strikes opposite IS in Syria and Iraq for some-more than a year.

The UK announced this month it had carried out a worker strike opposite dual British adults in Syria, though has nonetheless to fly manned operations in Syrian airspace.

Over a weekend, France reliable a initial atmosphere strikes opposite IS targets. A series of other countries, including Australia, Canada and Jordan, have also conducted bombing missions.

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