NYC’s Cookie Dough Shop Is What Your Childhood Dreams Are Made Of

Remember being immature and wanting to eat all a cookie mix that your mom was perplexing to bake into cookies? And your mom would tell we we shouldn’t do that since of a eggs though we did it anyway, since cookie mix is God’s present to a stomachs? Yeah, Do Cookie Dough Confections creator Kristen Tomlan positively understands that, that is since she combined a cookie mix that can be eaten raw. Her recipes use a pasteurized egg product and heat-treated flour, so we can rest positive that they’re entirely protected to eat by a scoopful.

I popped into Do’s mint storefront in New York to check out this cookie mix that’s holding over Instagram to see what all a hype is about, and we guys: we get it. Do is an experience. The employees are all upbeat and accessible and unequivocally ardent about a honeyed treats they’re handing over to you, and let me tell you, those honeyed treats are amazing. The cookie mix menu contains 16 flavors, including gluten-free and vegan options, and we attempted each final one. You can’t go wrong with selecting a Signature Chocolate Chip option, that Kristen credits as being a many popular. “We simply sell 3 times as most of a Signature than any of a other flavors. Easily,” she said.

All a mix is done on site, and we can even look into a kitchen by a vast potion windows while you’re watchful in line for your mix creation. The emporium goes by some-more than 1,000 pounds of mix in a day, that is no warn deliberation a fact that a emporium constantly has a line opposite a travel to get in. we wondered if there was a enchanting time to uncover adult to find a shortest line, and theory what? There isn’t. It’s always during slightest an hour long, though it’s so value a wait.

Once you’ve done it inside a shop, here is accurately what we should do: go to a fridge and get a enclosure of a Signature Chocolate Chip for later. When we get to a counter, we have dual ideal options: if you’re into peanut butter, go with Fluffernutter (peanut butter bottom with dim chocolate chips and marshmallow fluff) and Nuts For Nuts (peanut butter bottom with peanut butter cups and candies) in a chocolate chip cone; if you’re not into peanut butter, do Heavenly (sugar cookie bottom with Nutella, chocolate chips, caramel bits, and sea salt) with Brownie Batter (brownie beat bottom with chocolate chips) in a chocolate chip cone. Obviously supplement sprinkles on tip no matter what we get, since all is improved with sprinkles.

Your enclosure of a Signature Chocolate Chip will final in a fridge for adult to 3 weeks or in a freezer for adult to 3 months and can even be baked into genuine cookies, though let’s be real, zero is durability some-more than 3 hours or ever creation it into an oven.

Look by for a hide look during Do’s emporium and make certain we check it out for yourself if you’re in a area. Your ambience buds and your stomach will appreciate you.