NY Daily News Slams Accountant Behind Epic Oscars Snafu


Tell us what we unequivocally consider Daily News

The famously blunt New York daily journal chalked adult another viral front cover on Tuesday that precisely blamed a Oscar debacle on PriceWaterhouseCoopers accountant Brian Cullinan. In a none-too-subtle splash, a Daily News has a design of Cullinan along with a difference “and a crook is…”. Inside, a lead story doesn’t reason behind any punches possibly with a curse opening line: “Don’t let this man do your taxes.”


The Daily News raise on is only one of many pieces created in a final 48 hours that have taken PwC to charge with many wondering what a reputational repairs to a organisation will be. To smack a word from a New York Times‘ TV ad aired during a Oscars, a law is going to be tough for PwC and Cullinan to accept that approbation they were customarily obliged for what is a biggest screw-up in a story of a Academy Awards and what’s certain to be a estimable contender for any ‘top 10 moments when live TV goes wrong’ lists in a future. 

Tuesday’s front page follows another Daily News special from Monday that played delightfully on a “you had one job!” meme.