Now,a chocolate that helps we remove weight!

Want to strew flab? Well,you can now fill on a special chocolate to remove weight,provided we don’t mind a immature tinge.

Sounds strange,but scientists have constructed a new kind of chocolate,called Lola,which contains chemicals that pretence one’s mind into desiring that one is not inspired and stops one from over -eating,the ‘Daily Mail’ reported.

However,the scientists from Spanish manufacturer Cocoa Bio explain that yet a chocolate tastes usually like unchanging bars,they have a slight immature shade since of a surprising additional ingredients.

“People should eat one or dual chocolates around one hour before a meal. They’ll feel agreeably full and reduction like eating to excess. The chocolate has an heated essence and intensely high antioxidant properties,” lead scientist Armando Yanez,was quoted as saying.

He pronounced a immature shade is since a chocolate contains a dietary addition spirulina,a little algae with a high turn of nutrients such as vitamin A and B12,which also have weight detriment benefits.

The scientists also explain that amino acids in a recipe kindle a prolongation of a hormone in a mind that suppresses a appetite.

The chocolates,priced about 5 pounds for a box of 5 will primarily be sole usually in Spain,but might come to Britain if there is adequate interest.

It is not a initial time that a intensity health advantages from frequently eating chocolate,especially dim chocolate,have been identified.