Now suffer cuisine of Indian Railways in Abu Dhabi

In a singular event for a UAE foodies to bite opposite Indian cuisines, a internal grill has come adult with wealthy dishes served on Indian Railways over hundreds of years.

Indigo grill offers a best from opposite India in 3 set menus, any highlighting a opposite track – Mumbai to Delhi (Mumbai Rajdhani), Delhi to Kolkata (Howrah Rajdhani), and Delhi to Jaipur and Agra (Palace on Wheels), Gulf News reported.

“We motionless to do a small work on a food served on Indian railways, though since of a variety, and a vast volume of information we managed to get, we motionless to streamline,” pronounced Mohammad Irfan Qureshi, a mind behind a idea.

The dishes on offer embody aloo chaat, unfeeling momos, railway tomato soup, among others, besides countless vegetarian dishes.

“Sitting in one place like a railways, if we can knowledge so most opposite food, because would we go to any other place? And Indigo is like a train; you’re only sitting in your place, and we get a flavours from a whole country.

“If you’re not informed with Indian Railways, we can come to Indigo and design a pleasing surprise. There is something really unique, really bold, and really flavoursome about a food,” he said.

To safeguard a food is a truly Indian affair, Qureshi has used several spices such as kokum, chili, saffron, turmeric and tamarind.