No, You’re Not Dreaming; You Can Wake Up to These Unicorn Pancakes!

It seems like a internet is on a everlasting query to renovate a dishes into unicorn-themed, enchanting munchies. Everything from rainbow prohibited chocolate to mythically ornate unicorn doughnuts has been creation a approach into a Instagram feeds. To a delight, we now have a supernatural breakfast option: unicorn pancakes.

If you’re failing to re-create these for yourself, we advise defeat adult some Funfetti pancakes, removing out your food dye, and following a tips to emanate an darling edible unicorn horn to finish your special breakfast. People are adding their possess spins to a pancakes with all a fun toppings we could consider of, like string candy, Lucky Charms, marshmallows, and more.

Read on to see all of a colorful and honeyed varieties.