‘No magic’ approach to urge Man Utd

Manchester United manager Louis outpost Gaal says there is no sorcery regulation to branch around a club’s fortunes.

United have not won in 8 games, including their past 6 in a Premier League, have forsaken to sixth place, and are out of a Champions League.

On Saturday they face Swansea, a group Van Gaal has mislaid to in all 3 meetings given holding charge.

“There is no magic, it is looking during what has happened and what can improve, as a group and individually,” he said.

“I have mislaid 3 times opposite Swansea, and afterwards we have to weigh since we lost. It is always like that, afterwards we continue with a same infamous round of working.

“You make a diversion devise to kick your competition and afterwards we have to remonstrate your players. Then we have to sight and afterwards we have to be convinced. Then we can be committed and try to perform it.”

Has a vigour eased on Van Gaal?


drew 0-0 with Chelsea

on Monday with a much-improved opening following a Boxing Day better during Stoke that had led to conjecture a Dutchman would be sacked if they mislaid again.

Asked if a pull had eased a vigour on his position, Van Gaal said: “I don’t know since vigour is also what we knowledge by yourself and also by a players.

“Most critical are a players, of course, since they have to perform during a certain time. They have to give all and that is a many formidable aspect. That is a players’ function.

“You have to uncover it for 90 mins opposite a insurgency of a competition and also underneath a vigour of a sourroundings and a vigour we put yourself under. You have to cope with that.”

Jonjo Shelvey celebrates Swansea's feat over Manchester United

United have mislaid all 3 meetings with Swansea underneath Van Gaal

United ‘have a best fans’

United temporarily surfaced a Premier League on 21 Nov after violence Watford – their final feat – though are now 9 points behind Arsenal and Leicester, and 5 points adrift of Tottenham in a fourth Champions League spot.

Van Gaal praised a response of a fans to their predicament, while acknowledging his group can ill means any serve setbacks.

“This is not a initial club, maybe a final club, where we have a bad period,” he noted. “I have had bad durations during all my clubs and we have to contend a best fans are during Manchester United.

“In such a formidable period, they are applauding a opening of a players and that is fantastic. But still we need to win since we wish to be during a tip of a league, and not in a middle.

“We have to get points differently a opening is too large and that is since we have to do what we have to do. Work, do a things, ready a game, perform and afterwards weigh a diversion again.

“That is, of course, most some-more formidable when we don’t win than when we win.”

December aside, 2015 ‘was a good year’

Asked to consider 2015, Van Gaal believes a final month aside, United can be gratified with their progress.

“I consider we have over a wish and a aim in a initial season,” he added.

“After that we have managed to give change to a group and that resulted in October/November when we were first.

“Then we are out of a Champions League and that gives us a large blow. When we don’t consider December, it was a really good year, 2015. But we can't do that since a year has 12 months.”