‘No evidence’ Taliban personality dead

Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour, new personality of a Taliban militants, is seen in this undated welfare sketch by a TalibanImage copyright

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Mullah Mansour’s appointment has stirred splits in a Taliban

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani says there is “no evidence” Taliban personality Mullah Akhtar Mansour is dead, after reports of an inner gunfight.

Mr Ghani was vocalization after a Taliban expelled an audio fasten pronounced to be from Mullah Mansour in that he calls reports of a firefight “baseless”.

It was pronounced to have taken place nearby a Pakistani city of Quetta final week.

Mansour was announced personality in Jul after a Taliban reliable that Mullah Omar had died in 2013.

Mansour’s appointment afterwards stirred splits in a Taliban.

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‘Enemy propaganda’

Mr Ghani told a press discussion on Monday: “There is no justification that Mansour has been killed.”

He added: “The occurrence that occurred should be delicately analysed.”

He was referring to a gunfight that was pronounced to have taken place on a hinterland of a western city of Quetta final Tuesday.

Some reports pronounced Mansour had been severely hurt, others that he had died, along with 4 Taliban gunmen.

Late on Saturday, a Taliban expelled a audio fasten in that a orator refers to a “rumour that fighting happened among a Taliban during a time when a assembly was in progress”.

“The gossip says we was harmed during a strife and after some media outlets reported that we died. Brothers, this news is not true, there is no doubt that it is rivalry propaganda,” a orator says.

Who is Mullah Mansour?

  • Long seen as behaving conduct of a Taliban, and tighten to a owner Mullah Omar
  • Born in a 1960s, in Kandahar province, where he after served as shade administrator after a Taliban’s fall
  • Was polite aviation apportion during a Taliban’s order in Afghanistan
  • Had an active purpose in drug trafficking, according to a UN
  • Has clashed with Abdul Qayum Zakir, a comparison troops commander, amid a energy onslaught and differences over negotiations with a Afghan government
  • A male claiming to be Mansour met former Afghan President Hamid Karzai for assent talks in 2010 – but it after emerged he was an imposter

The voice resembled that in prior recordings released by Mansour though there has still been conjecture about a authenticity.

In a 17-minute summary he says he has not seen a place where a quarrel was pronounced to have taken place “for years”, adding: “I am protected and my colleagues are safe. we am among my colleagues.”

The orator insists a Taliban will continue to quarrel to settle an “Islamic government” in Afghanistan and conflict assent overtures.

Since Aug Mansour has overseen a array of terrain victories, including quickly capturing a northern Afghan city of Kunduz.

But a transformation has separate into plainly warring factions.

A series of comparison Taliban commanders refused to oath devotion to Mansour and a coterie against to him was set adult final month underneath Mullah Mohammad Rasool.