No Evidence Against Roman Reigns In Jon Bravo Video, Which Wrestlers Were Named

Filmmaker Jon Bravo expelled his much-talked about video that claimed to implicate Roman Reigns and adult to 15 other stream and former wrestlers as former business of jailed steroids play Richard Rodriguez. Rodriguez and his company, Wellness Fitness Nutrition LLC (WFN), were indicted of being concerned in a placement sequence that alien products from China, afterwards done bootleg steroids in Arizona before distributing them out of a Miami area. No justification was presented in a video about Reigns or any other stream WWE Superstars. Here are some records from a video, that we can watch above.

* Bravo remarkable that he had Rodriguez’s laptop in his possession that was expelled in a justice hearing, that is one of his personal laptops that was used in Feb of 2016. There are 3 other phones and computers that have information adult by Feb of 2017, though those are in a possession of a DEA. Bravo pronounced that he is watchful for a recover of those to interpretation his investigation.

* Regarding Roman Reigns, Bravo pronounced he is still watchful on justification from those phones and laptops in a DEA’s possession to be 110% accurate. Without that pivotal information, he pronounced that he cannot determine Reigns or Mark Wahlberg placed orders by WFN. Bravo pronounced that we have to infer someone is guilty though a reasonable doubt, and he doesn’t have that right now for Reigns and Wahlberg. He claimed that he understands that Wahlberg done his communications by a doctor, though he doesn’t have those communications. He claimed that Reigns placed his orders underneath an alias though that “it’s unfit to cranky anxiety his orders though saying a communication that [Rodriguez] had with him by content messages.”

* WWE Hall of Famer Jesse “The Body” Ventura was featured in some Instagram posts per a video. It turns out that Ventura had zero to do with WFN, though rather tutor Jesse Burdick used a alias Jesse Ventura when fixation orders.

* Burdick reportedly placed $40,000 in orders. The print that Bravo placed on Instagram of Cena was one where he was posing with Burdick. Photos were shown in a video of Burdick with Cena and Bobby Lashley.

* It was remarkable that “one of a pivotal players with a WWE tie is Rick Bassman.” Bassman never worked for WWE. He did sight Cena, though that was 20 years ago. Bassman also brought Sting and Ultimate Warrior into a business in a 80s, though again, no tangible tie was done between ANYONE and Bassman.

* Rodriguez pronounced that his initial hit with WWE was by Mark Bell and Chris Bell. He claimed that by them, Reigns, Brock Lesnar and Steve Austin became “advocates and clients” of his product. Again, there was no justification of Rodriguez communicating with any of those wrestlers, usually with Chris Bell. A content from Chris was highlighted where he asked Rodriguez if he had a possibility to pronounce with The Rock and John Cena in 2016. That was it.

* The usually tangible justification presented in a video was of communications with Daniel Puder, Bassman, Burdick and Chris Cavallini, who trains Jinder Mahal and Sheamus. Rodriguez speculated that Jinder and Sheamus were regulating his products “which has nonetheless to be confirmed.”

* The finish of a video pronounced that it was “in respect of a fable – The Ultimate Warrior.”