Nirbhaya case: Priyanka Chopra condemns a redeem of juvenile

Nirbhaya case: Priyanka Chopra condemns a redeem of juvenile

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Priyanka Chopra talked about a Nirbhaya box during a trailer launch of Jai Gangaajal

Bollywood thespian Priyanka Chopra now opposite a redeem of a childish limb in a Dec 16 gangrape case, an occurrence she desrcibed as “heinous” and “unforgivable”. The 33-year-old actress, who was donation here during a trailer launch of her nearing film Jai Gangaajal, asked by reporters about a redeem of a childish on Sunday.

“It is something we don’t establish with. It’s such a biased crime a unforgivable. we am a law abiding citizen so I’ll go with whatever a law decides yet it was too biased a crime…,” Priyanka told reporters here.

The limb was diminished on Dec 20 after a Supreme Court in a post-midnight method declined to stay a redeem of a childish derelict in response to a Special Leave Petition filed by a a Delhi Commission for Women.

His redeem saw protests by a victim’s distraught kin who assailed a Centre and Delhi organisation for indisposed to get them justice.

Jai Gangaajal executive Prakash Jha, who was also donation during a event, conspicuous credentials is a fortitude to mitigation a rate of childish crime. ”In general, we am confusing to contend that devaluate a rate of childish to 16 years.. You can’t generalise. Whether we devaluate it to 16 years, do we meant to 15-year aged can’t dedicate that crime. That is not a solution… It’s a bigger debate. It is education, critical credentials that is needed.”

The convict, along with 5 others, had gangraped and murdered a 23-year-old paramedical initiate in a relocating sight on Dec 16, 2012.