Nina Dobrev Cozying Up To Norman Reedus: Trying To Land A Part On The Walking Dead?

Nina Dobrev Cozying Up To Norman Reedus: Trying To Land A Part On The Walking Dead?

It’s flattering transparent that Nina Dobrev’s preference to quit The Vampire Diaries for a shot during film stardom isn’t operative out as good as she had planned. Producers haven’t accurately been violence down her doorway with parts. Rumor has it that Nina unequivocally has no choice though to conduct behind to a tiny shade – so it seems judicious that she would select a uncover as outrageous as “The Walking Dead.” If she is going to settle for another TV show, it competence as good be a outrageous one!

Nina Dobrev common a print of herself cozying adult to Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) during a American Music Awards, and Instagram began buzzing that Nina competence have assimilated a expel of “The Walking Dead.” It’s not a distant widen to go from “The Vampire Diaries” to “The Walking Dead” – both shows have a identical fan base, and we know are formed on things that would never, ever indeed occur in genuine life.

If a former “The Vampire Diaries” singer hasn’t assimilated a expel of “The Walking Dead” utterly nonetheless – there is no doubt in anyone’s minds that she would burst during a event deliberation a miss of pursuit offers in her life. And, if we are perplexing to land a gig on “The Walking Dead” – afterwards brief of a tangible producers, Norman Reedus is a man that we should be impressing. Let’s face it, if Norman Reedus “puts in a good word for you” or requests that a producers take we in to care for a part, we fundamentally have a pursuit in a bag.

What do we guys think? Is Nina Dobrev formulation her large quip on AMC’s “The Walking Dead?” Could she already have assimilated a expel and that is because she common a print of herself with Norman Reedus? Let us know what we consider in a comments below!

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