Nicki Minaj: Did She Secretly Get Nas To Shut Down Remy Ma’s Diss Track ‘ShETHER’?

Did Nicki Minaj usually finally respond to Remy Ma’s diss track? Well, there’s some-more to a Nicki and Remy feud, and this time Nas might be during a core of it! Remy’s diss lane about Nicki was reportedly taken down from SoundCloud, and there’s an purported culprit! See who it apparently is…

Remy Ma, 36, might be seething right about now. Her sardonic diss lane about Nicki Minaj, 34, was reportedly taken down from SoundCloud, according to MediaTakeOut on Mar 9. And, a designer behind a purported take-down is nothing other than Nicki?! — Well, that’s what a site claims. But, they are also claiming that she wasn’t alone. Nicki reportedly called adult Nas, a writer on Remy’s oppressive track, and had him mislay a strain from SoundCloud. So, if this is true, it’s a flattering vital and singular approach for Nicki to respond, right?

The site is personification a censure diversion with Nicki and Nas, and they are even claiming that Nicki tweeted a mysterious summary that could have suggested her impasse in a purported act. A reported twitter from Mar 8, [which we can see right here], from Nicki, presumably said, “Nas was like NAH.” MTO claims a twitter has given been deleted.

Although Nas reportedly had “shETHER” private from SoundCloud, he allegedly left a strain adult on iTunes in sequence to “bag” some cash, according to a site. And, that’s not a usually thing — Nas reportedly criminialized Remy Ma from behaving a diss lane live, that is apparently since she didn’t belt out a strain when she seemed on The Wendy Williams Show on Mar 3. Instead, Remy and Fat Joe, 46, achieved a miscellany of their new song, “Money Showers”, and their aged pound hit, “Lean Back”. Hmm..

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Interestingly enough, Remy hasn’t achieved a lane at any of her new shows. The site points out that, that’s due to a reported anathema Nas put on a song. On Mar 7, Remy seemed on Another Round, a Facebook Live session, where she shockingly backtracked on her Nicki diss, and that’s since she reportedly got a produce put on her from Nas, due to Nicki’s purported phone call. “I do not acquit or suggest a ripping down of another female,” Remy preached. “I welcome females, we always wanna do some girl-oriented thing, we work so most improved when we work together and assistance any other.” Um, what?

HollywoodLifers, do we consider Nicki was unequivocally behind a purported close down of Remy’s song?