Nick Viall, Vanessa Grimaldi Relationship Problems Following ‘The Bachelor’: Vanessa Leaves Nick To Become Famous Actress?

Nick Viall, Vanessa Grimaldi Relationship Problems Following 'The Bachelor': Vanessa Leaves Nick To Become Famous Actress?

Vanessa Grimaldi and Nick Viall competence have a weight of The Bachelor celebrity behind them, though according to new reports from US Weekly and In Touch Weekly, that’s not adequate for Vanessa Grimaldi. Nick Viall has been featured on 4 Bachelor shows and is now starring on Dancing With a Stars, all while his fiancee, Vanessa Grimaldi, is left operative in a dilemma from all a courtesy she’s not getting.

A source has reliable to US Weekly that Vanessa is not used to being left out of a spotlight, stating, “Vanessa’s not used to a courtesy being mostly on Nick. It’s holding a toll.”


While a news claims that Vanessa was primarily dissapoint over Nick spending all his time in rehearsals for DWTS, she’s now holding advantage of it. Another source explains to In Touch, “She has been going on behaving auditions in LA. She always dreamed of being a outrageous actress. At this point, she doesn’t even caring about her attribute with Nick. Her categorical concentration is alighting a sitcom or a underline film. She is holding full advantage of her time in. She sees herself as a subsequent Julia Roberts.”

There haven’t been many successful examples of existence stars transitioning to behaving careers, though who’s to contend that Vanessa will not be a first? But with that said, apropos a subsequent Julia Roberts is not easy. Julia Roberts got to where she is due to years of tough work and a whole lot of luck. And while Vanessa has had her satisfactory share of fitness – mostly in removing on a by-pass demonstrate to celebrity in Hollywood – apropos a successful singer requires some-more fitness – and work – than apropos a successful existence star.

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Right now, if both Vanessa and Nick are peaceful to precedence their stardom into successful and tolerable careers, there’s a possibility during both of them being famous for some-more than The Bachelor and Dancing with a Stars. However, that takes a integrate joined in posterior their goals, that according to these sources, conjunction Nick nor Vanessa are.

What do we guys think? Will Vanessa Grimaldi grasp her goals of apropos a famous actress, and will she and Nick Viall arrange out their attribute problems before she does? Let us know your thoughts in a comments below.

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