Nick and Vanessa Lachey Are ‘Content’ with 3 Kids But ‘Wouldn’t Be Devastated’ with a Fourth Baby

It’s adult in a atmosphere either Nick and Vanessa Lachey will be adding to their flourishing family.

The spouses suggested to PEOPLE recently that while they are happy and “feel really complete” with kids Phoenix Robert, 1, Brooklyn Elisabeth, 3, and Camden John, 5, it’s a never-say-never situation.

“We feel really complete, though that being pronounced … we only adore children and we adore having a large family,” pronounced Vanessa, 37.

“We’re both content, though if for some crazy reason it were to happen, we wouldn’t be devastated,” explains a mom of three. “It would be like, ‘All right, here we go again.’ ”

“We are really calm and happy with three,” she clarifies. “It’s only enough. It’s a small bit of a section invulnerability — we’re not man-to-man anymore, as [Nick] puts it, though only adequate to where we can still interact.”

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Nick and Vanessa Lachey with their kids Phoenix, Brooklyn and Camden


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Nick agrees wholeheartedly with Vanessa’s assessment, giving “a 100 percent yes” confirmation when his mother remarks, “By four, we can suppose it’s chaos.”

“And afterwards we’re substantially forgetful one of them,” she jokes. “We’d be like, ‘Where’s Phoenix? Who put a baby down?’ ”

The family took a sun-soaked outing to Mexico progressing this month — a vacation Nick, 44, says spurred “so many good” memories surrounding Brooklyn’s birthday.

“She’s really most into horses right now, so we indeed went horseback roving down in Cabo [San Lucas],” says a 98 Degrees frontman. “It was a lot of fun for me since she’s not aged adequate to float by herself, obviously, though we got to float with her and so we all went roving together as a family.”

Nick and Vanessa Lachey with their kids Phoenix, Brooklyn and Camden

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The integrate are now partnered with Pampers — a diaper code Vanessa says has been constituent in ensuring a family gets some shut-eye. “Pampers Baby-Dry guarantees that you’re going to arise adult dry, you’re not going to have a leaky diaper,” she says.

“And for us, it’s been so critical to settle good nap routines for a kids just so that there’s some reason in a home and also so we can have some time with any other.”

  • Reporting by CAROLINE REDMOND