Niall Horan’s Romantic Confession To Selena Gomez: Been ‘Waiting For You For A Long Time’

Niall Horan is conduct over heels for Selena Gomez, and he’s gentle with display it. The 1D chick has longed after Selena for utterly some time, and he’s not wasting any some-more time stealing how he feels!

Selena Gomez has found herself one dedicated male in Niall Horan. It’s been usually days given they were initial speckled kissing, during Jenna Dewan-Tatum‘s birthday whack on Dec 5, though Niall has no seductiveness in holding things slow. He’s been watchful so prolonged to be Selena’s man, according to an insider who spoke to EXCLUSIVELY, and he’s not going to let her consternation how he feels!

“Niall has been unequivocally open with Selena about his feelings from a get-go,” an insider told EXCLUSIVELY. “He confessed to her that he had been watchful for her for a prolonged time. He has no problem being exposed with her whatsoever and his unequivocally outspoken about how he positively adores her.” You can get 1D’s latest manuscript RIGHT HERE!

How romantic! Niall and Selena are done for any other; Taylor Swift has been perplexing to get them together given 2014, and they need to appreciate their crony for her matchmaking skills! Selena is usually as crazy about Niall as he is about her, according to a source who spoke to EXCLUSIVELY. “Not usually does she adore a approach he kisses her, she loves a approach he smells and she adores his accent. Just conference his voice creates her totally light up.”

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The dual can’t get adequate of any other. They’re on a phone together non-stop — sum lovebirds! After creation out during Jenna’s party, unabashedly, in front of all a guests(!), they were afterwards seen unresolved out during a Santa Monica Pier, holding hands.

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And it looks like things are removing some-more serious, unequivocally soon. “Selena has an open invitation to join Niall in Ireland,” a insider told us. “Niall unequivocally wants to deliver Selena to his family and uncover her where he grew up. He also wants to take her to a panorama and uncover her his favorite spots.” Can we start job them Nelena yet, or what?

HollywoodLifers, do we consider Niall and Selena are a genuine deal? Tell us in a comments!