Niall Horan’s Had A Crush On Selena Gomez For Years: He’s Always Wanted Something More

Niall Horan has apparently had his eye on Selena Gomez for utterly some time! The One Direction cutie has a HUGE crush on Selena, and after their epic PDA sesh, it seems like his dream is finally entrance true!

Selena Gomez, 23, is good pals with Niall Horan, 22, yet it appears that she didn’t know how most he precious her! Niall’s been failing to get closer to Selena, and he’s found “opportunity after opportunity” to make it happen, according to a source who spoke to EXCLUSIVELY!

“Niall has been abrasive on Selena for months — maybe even years,” an insider told EXCLUSIVELY. “But she was with Justin [Bieber] and they seemed improved as friends. But Niall’s vanquish never went divided and he has found event after event to get closer to Selena.

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“He doesn’t mind doing what Selena wants to do, or being with Selena’s friends or carrying cooking with Selena’s family,” a insider continued. “He’s only a unequivocally honeyed guy. Selena has been so hung adult on Justin for so prolonged that she never unequivocally saw Niall as a viable beloved until now.”

Go Niall! After being spotted snogging with Selena at Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s birthday bash during Bootsy Bellows in Los Angeles on Dec 4, it unequivocally doesn’t seem like he’ll have any problem convincing her that he’s beloved element now. It’s a wily situation, though. The unconstrained on and off intrigue that’s Jelena never utterly ends, and Justin is desperate to get in hit with her after conference that his bro butted in to their intensity rekindling romance. Get One Direction’s new manuscript RIGHT HERE!

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Selena and Niall have been unresolved out a lot lately; it looks like Niall’s devise worked! The dual were speckled out on Nov 23 during cooking after attack a American Music Awards. And in 2012, Selena’s BFF Taylor Swift attempted to get them together. Sparks didn’t fly behind afterwards (remember, not beloved material?), yet things have really altered now!

HollywoodLifers, do we consider Niall and Selena would make a lovable couple? Tell us in a comments!