Niall Horan & Selena Gomez: His Sexy Christmas Gift So She’ll Always Think of Him In Bed

Niall Horan couldn’t be with Selena Gomez during Christmas, though he done certain he was always on her mind with a honeyed benefaction — a small sip of him! Niall’s benefaction is always going to remind Selena of her man, generally when she’s in bed.

Selena Gomez perceived one courteous benefaction from her new guy, Niall Horan, this Christmas. The lovebirds had to be apart adult for a holidays to go see their particular families, though Niall done certain that they weren’t totally separated. He means Selena with something that will always remind her of her boyfriend, no matter how distant divided their careers and travels take them, an insider told EXCLUSIVELY. Read on to find out what Selena got!

“Before Selena and Niall went their apart ways for Christmas, he wrapped adult one of his favorite white t-shirts and gave it to Selena to nap in,” a insider told EXCLUSIVELY. “She always told him how most she loves a approach he smells, so he doused a shirt with his cologne. Niall told her to wear his shirt whenever she misses him. It’s a super honeyed gift.”

How cute! Niall is so soft with Selena, and he wants to make certain that he’s never distant from her thoughts. Now that Justin Bieber‘s hooking adult with Kourtney Kardashian, Selena’s finally giveaway from her years-long ardour with her ex. Or, during slightest she’s perplexing to mangle their bond. Niall’s doing all probable to keep his new partner focused on him and their blossoming relationship. You can buy Selena’s new manuscript RIGHT HERE!

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This benefaction seems like it was a sum hit! Can we suppose what it contingency be like to have something that smells like Niall whenever we need it? This is going to be a good apparatus to confuse her from Scott Disick‘s efforts too! Kourtney’s ex is on warpath to revenge, and he wants to woo Selena to make Justin mad — or during slightest removing erotic with her in one of her song videos. Dream big, Scott!

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HollywoodLifers, do we consider Niall’s benefaction to Selena is super sexy? Tell us in a comments!