Niall Horan Gifts Selena Gomez Cologne-Soaked Shirt For Holidays: Justin Bieber Disgusted, Demands Relationship End?

Niall Horan Gifts Selena Gomez Cologne-Soaked Shirt For Holidays: Justin Bieber Disgusted, Demands Relationship End?

Selena Gomez is wearing one of Niall Horan’s aged t-shirts to bed each night? Justin Bieber reportedly found out Horan presented Gomez with this insinuate present and is livid. Has a Biebs demanded that SelGo call it quits with Niall?

Confused already? In box we missed it – Niall and Selena have reportedly been dating. At initial SelGo and Niall were gripping it casual. Justin wasn’t unequivocally fine with a friendship-relationship, though figured whatever was going on between best blossom Niall and ex-girlfriend Selena wouldn’t final long.

But whispers started that Horan and Gomez’s relationship was going from infrequent to serious. Friends disclosed that Niall and Selena’s holiday skeleton forced a new integrate to be detached for Christmas. The Irish Mirror reported that Horan presented SelGo with one of his loving white t-shirts – doused with his favorite cologne – as a Christmas gift.

Why did Horan give Gomez a cologne-soaked t-shirt for Christmas? Sources contend that Selena loves a approach Niall smells – and wore a damn thing to bed each night. Guess it done SelGo feel a small reduction waste while Horan was unresolved out in a few pubs with aged friends behind home in Ireland.

Insiders suggested that Justin somehow found out about Selena sleeping in Niall’s good smelling white “T” and had a fit. The Biebs “is mad with Niall for going behind his behind and hidden Selena from him,” an insider divulged. The hum is that Justin wants to confront good friend Niall – and has sent a few content messages to Horan about a “Selena situation.”

But friends contend Niall isn’t responding and that’s since SelGo told her new man to drive transparent of Justin. Those in a know contend that a “Sorry” thespian wants a face-to-face critical contention with Niall. Justin Bieber apparently won’t stop until Niall Horan and Selena Gomez break-up for good.

During an trusting small diversion of “Sleep With, Marry, Cruise” Niall did contend that SelGo was his “Marry” choice! Now Selena Gomez is regulating Niall Horan’s cologne soaked “T” as pajamas – allegedly. Why does Justin Bieber caring who SelGo is dating or what a “Same Old Love” thespian is sleeping in? Isn’t Kourtney Kardashian a Biebs new bedmate?

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