NFL Working to Reduce Commercial Breaks During Games

Commissioner Roger Goodell summarized a changes in a Wednesday note.

The NFL on Wednesday denounced a series of changes a joining was looking to exercise to make a diversion some-more beguiling for fans, including limiting blurb breaks. 

“Together with a promote partners, we will be operative to meaningfully revoke down time and a magnitude of blurb breaks in a game,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell pronounced in a statement.

Goodell added: “We will also be giving a promote partners increasing coherence to equivocate black breaks in a action. For example, we know how irritating it is when we come behind from a blurb break, flog off, and afterwards cut to a blurb again. we hatred that too. Our idea is to discharge it.” 

No specific time component for a change was given. Goodell also laid out skeleton to make a gait of play faster, including how refs examination plays.

“Next week clubs will opinion on a change to centralize replay reviews,” he said. “Instead of a bound sideline monitor, we will move a inscription to a arbitrate who can examination a play in conference with a officiating domicile in New York, that has a final decision. This should urge coherence and correctness of decisions and assistance speed adult a process.”

There is also a devise to start a play time following an additional indicate if a promote doesn’t cut to a commercial.

“We’re also going to order a starting of a time after a curtain goes out of bounds, and order halftime lengths in all games, so we lapse to a movement as fast as possible,” Goodell pronounced in a statement.