NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Caught on Camera Laughing during Concussion Joke

Just a integrate weeks before a recover of Sony’s arriving head-trauma movie, Concussion, that facilities an unflattering description of how a NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell responded to Dr. Bennet Omalu’s find of a illness caused by steady conduct trauma, Goodell was held shouting on camera during a fun about concussions.

At Tuesday’s National Football Foundation Dinner, former quarterback Roger Staubach joked that he couldn’t recall Goodell’s name due to pang so many concussions during his time personification for a league.

“So, we had a possibility to lay subsequent to a commissioner of football, Pete Rozelle, tonight also, and … ,” he quipped, before adding, “Oh, forgive me — Roger Goodell. we apologize, we had 6 concussions in a NFL, so … “

The fun was met with a reduction of groans and laughter, and Goodell himself was held on camera shouting during Staubach’s jab.

“I told Roger we was gonna tell that joke, and he authorized it!” Staubach noted after throwing a audience’s loud reaction.