Newton teaser: Rajkummar Rao explains if a laws of suit are associated to the daily lives, watch video

Rajkummar Rao, newton, rajkummar rao pics, rajkummar rao photos, rajkummar rao pictures Rajkummar Rao, newton, rajkummar rao pics, rajkummar rao photos, rajkummar rao pictures  Newton Teaser: Rajkummar Rao is mislaid though not in a wrong way.

Bollywood actor Rajkummar Rao is famous for being initial in his films. Previously we have seen him as a wrinkled-old-man in Raabta and a blue embellished Shiva in Behen Hogi Teri. In Newton he is a curly haired courteous person, munching on his apple perplexing to figure out a 3 laws of suit of Isaac Newton.

The teaser starts with Sanjay Mishra lecturing on a significance of Indian elections. He promises a garland of his pupils that there won’t be any hooliganism in a arriving ubiquitous elections. The stage burst cuts to another frame, where we find Rajkummar Rao solemnly calculating a theories of Newton. He is mislaid though not in a bad way. It’s as if he has gained new perspectives about life in ubiquitous with that he finds an supernatural similarity with what we learnt in physics.

The dual scenes unsuccessful to uncover a connection. It looked like dual opposite plots stitched together during a initial glance. After a second demeanour there is one thesis that vaguely connects a dual shots. Change. In a initial half, we see Sanjay Mishra lecturing on change, in a second half we hear Newton (Rajkummar Rao), remembering a good lessons taught by his namesake. Referring to a scientist’s initial law of motion, (an intent during rest stays during rest and an intent in suit stays in suit with a same speed and in a same instruction unless acted on by an lunatic force), we can hear him say, “Jab tak tum nahi badloge na, add-on tak kuch nahi badlega (You can't change unless we confirm to change yourself).”



From a teaser it feels, Amit Masurkar is perplexing to prominence a significance of a 3 laws of suit in a day to day lives. This is really a film to watch out for and embody in a contingency watch list this year. The film will recover on Sep 22.


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