Newlyweds Drew Scott and Linda Phan are Already Talking About Kids

Drew Scott and Linda Phan have already drawn adult a blueprints for a space their destiny children will occupy.

Property Brothers’ Drew Scott and new mother Linda Phan, 33, are already formulation on their subsequent precious investment, and it’s not genuine estate. The HGTV star and his new bride are formulation their destiny together and kiddos are on a setting for a couple.

In an disdainful talk with People, a 40-year-old realtor revealed, “We’re vehement to have kids. we consider Linda and we will be good parents, and we’re vehement to start that section of a lives.”

Even yet Drew Scott and his longtime partner only married over a weekend in a grand jubilee in Italy it’s never too early to start formulation a future.

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And twin hermit Jonathan couldn’t determine some-more that his hermit and new sister-in-law will make extraordinary parents. “I couldn’t consider of dual some-more smashing people to be parents. I’m watchful for a day that we hear a proclamation that they’re going to have kids. Wow, that’d meant I’m an uncle. That’ll take someone removing used to.”

Drew and his mother who is a artistic executive for Drew and Jonathan’s association have already indifferent an area in their Los Angeles home and drawn adult a blueprints for a space their destiny children will occupy. The dual solemnly designed their home when constructing it to grow with them as they develop into a bigger family.

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“I wanted to make certain this residence can duty for kids, too,” Drew pronounced in Nov when vocalization to People. And Phan, who is a qualification queen knows when it comes to carrying children we infrequently have to scapegoat your possess pleasures. “I’m peaceful to give adult my qualification room for a nursery,” she said.

The newlyweds are still basking from their enchanting day, “I can’t even report a feeling- it was like a dream to see all these people we know together in one place,” Drew says.

Next, adult for this couple, some skill babies, can’t wait!