New Starbucks Secret Menu Alert! Here’s How to Order a 2-Toned Pink Purple Drink

A post common by Nonstop Food Porn (@nonstopeats) on Feb 26, 2017 during 5:02pm PST

Starbucks ombré drinks are strictly holding over a tip menu. Just days after a matcha pinkish drink started holding over a Instagram feeds, a newest two-toned splash has taken a place — a Pink Purple Drink. Pictured above on a left, a colourful iced libation is accurately what it sounds like: a hybrid of a Starbucks Pink Drink and Starbucks Purple Drink, a dual many renouned drinks to come out of Starbucks’s rainbow lineup final year.

According to Instagram user nonsteapeats, here’s how to sequence a eye-catching pinkish and purple splash for yourself.

  • 1 partial Pink Drink (Strawberry Acai Refresher with coconut milk) and 1 partial Purple Drink (Passion Ice Tea with Soy milk, vanilla syrup, and blackberries)
  • Ask your barista to brew a Pink Drink first, supplement ice, and afterwards solemnly flow in a Purple Drink.

For people who can’t wait to try a two-toned trend during Starbucks though aren’t a biggest fans of matcha tea, this tip menu object is a no-brainer. Which ombré splash are we some-more vehement to try?