New RAW Team Announced For WWE Mixed Match Challenge

Add Goldust and Alicia Fox to a list of reliable RAW teams for a WWE Mixed Match Challenge that starts on Facebook Watch after this month. The updated list of reliable teams looks like this:

* Alicia Fox Goldust

* Asuka The Miz

* Nia Jax Apollo Crews

* Sasha Banks Finn Balor

* RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss Braun Strowman

* Naomi Jimmy Uso

* Lana Rusev

* SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair Bobby Roode

Above is backstage video of Fox and Goldust, and subsequent is WWE’s announcement:

Goldust to group with Alicia Fox in WWE Mixed Match Challenge

Prepare for a double sip of a eccentric. The extraordinary group of Goldust and Alicia Fox will paint Team Red in a WWE Mixed Match Challenge tournament, airing exclusively on Facebook Watch commencement subsequent Tuesday.

To contend that The Bizarre One and Miss Fox any move something singular to a list is a sum understatement. He’s decorated and larger-than-life, while she’s disposed to totally indeterminate function that stems from her tender intensity. Yet, their intensity advantage in a rare foe forward of them goes approach over their ability to chuck their opponents off their game.

Both Superstars are seasoned squared-circle competitors who have seen it all, and they’ll be prepared for anything that comes their way. Goldust is a three-time Intercontinental Champion and a three-time Tag Team Champion. Fox is a former Divas Champion. Translation: This is a span who knows how to win.

Together, a indeterminate churned tab group will do conflict in a innovative Mixed Match Challenge contest on Facebook Watch, where male-female WWE Superstar pairings will try to win $100,000 for a gift of their choice. Each showdown in a foe will follow normal Mixed Tag Team Match rules: When tagged, masculine Superstars face off with a hostile team’s masculine competitor, and womanlike Superstars conflict associate womanlike competitors.

Check behind with to learn other #WWEMMC combinations as they turn available. Follow WWE Mixed Match Challenge on Facebook for updates, and find out how we can impact a show’s matchups, prerequisites and some-more along a way. WWE Mixed Match Challenge starts subsequent Tuesday during 10 ET/7 PT, exclusively on Facebook Watch.