New check reveals warn leader of GOP debate

A Week After a Poor Debate Performance, Rubio Wins One

Republican presidential claimant Marco Rubio won a check he might have indispensable many right now.

Thirty-two percent of participants in a CBS poll pronounced he was a leader ofSaturday night’s GOP debate. Donald Trump took second with 24 percent and John Kasich third with 19 percent.


Rubio’s win follows a fifth-place detriment in a New Hampshire primary days before. He attributed a miss of votes to a bad discuss opening heading adult to a primary.

Click by images from a CBS News GOP Debate in South Carolina:

“It’s on me. we did not do good on Saturday night –– so listen to this –– that will never occur again,” Rubio said to supporters following a New Hampshire primary. At the latest debate, possibilities discussed a Iraq war, amicable security, and either a new Supreme Court probity should be allocated before a election.

In one of a most-talked-about moments, Rubio claimed competition Ted Cruz couldn’t pronounce Spanish. Cruz afterwards challenged Rubio in Spanish to criticism on President Obama’s executive orders in a denunciation as well.

Only time will tell if his discuss win will assistance him locate adult to Trump, who leads him by roughly 23 percent in a arriving South Carolina primary.

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