New Mom Foxy Brown Just Beat Nicki Minaj To The Punch! Check Out Her Combative Response To Remy Ma’s Diss Track!

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As a universe waits for Nicki Minaj to respond to a VICIOUS boring she got during a hands of Remy Ma in a new diss lane ShETHER, someone else is jumping in:

Miss Foxy Brown!

VOTE: What Is Nicki Minaj Waiting For??

What does Foxy have to do with this? Well, one of a lines in ShETHER is:

“Talking shit about me to a deaf bitch/And customarily we have magnetism for a impaired,
But not when we tough of hearin’ from untreated gonorrhea”

DAMN! That line apparently refers to a conference difficulty a Get Me Home rapper suffered in a midst 2000s. Yeah, Foxy was presumably a crony with whom Nicki was articulate shit.

What does a new mom — who JUST gave birth to a baby lady btw — have to contend in response? Let’s usually contend she starts with, “Brooklyn, Imma kill this bitch,” and it usually gets some-more hardcore from there.

Listen to a full notation of heartless backhand (below)!

[Image around Jean-Philippe Pariente/News Pictures/Derrick Salters/Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

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