New England Patriots Slaughter Pittsburgh Steelers & Advance To Super Bowl 51

Look who’s going to a Super Bowl! Tom Brady and a New England Patriots faced Ben Roethlisberger and a Pittsburgh Steelers for not usually a AFC Championship, though for a final mark in a NFL pretension game! When a dirt settled, it was a Pats who emerged victorious!

Every NFL fan knew that going into this Jan. 22 diversion that it was not going to be pretty. The Pittsburgh Steelers (led by 2-time NFL champ Ben Roesthlisberger, 34) are famous for being severe and tough. They had to be, given they were confronting a impassioned New England Patriots. Plus, it was during Tom Brady’s, 39, home turf, and things got cray-cray during Gillete Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. Luck was on his side, given a Pats OBLITERATED a Steelers with a final measure of 36-17.

There was a vicious play in a initial half, where a Steelers got to a one-foot line, with reduction than dual mins left. However, a Patriots foiled their attempts causing Pittsburgh to flog a margin goal. In a second half, a Steelers were incompetent to stop New England by regulating their same simple invulnerability strategy that haven’t worked in prior meetings. They were generally usually rushing three, and perplexing to cover with eight, though Brady would ceaselessly collect them apart. It’s a blowout diversion in preference of a Patriots, as a measure reached 33-9 in a 3rd.

Chris Hogan, 28, a Patriots’ far-reaching receiver had dual touchdown receptions. Julian Edelman, 30, also had a TD locate while LeGarrette Blount, 30, ran in for another score.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers kinda came out of nowhere to make it to a AFC championship game. While many fans were focused on a Dallas Cowboys near-perfect run or how a Oakland Raiders were actually good this season, a Steel Curtain went on a 9-game winning streak. In a center of a season, they forsaken four-in-a-row (including a 27-16 detriment to a Patriots) though Big Ben’s boys incited it around to make it to this championship game.

As for a Patriots, Tom Brady flattering most determined himself as a biggest quarterback in NFL history. The Patriots indeed did good while Tom was portion his 4-game cessation for his purpose in “Deflate-gate.” Jimmy Garoppolo, 25, and Jacoby Brissett, 24, did their best, though both backups finished painful and injured, proof Tom’s pursuit is harder than it looks.

Outside of a a Buffalo Bills violence them in Week 4 and a Week 10 detriment to a Seattle Seahawks, a Patriots were untouchable. Tom played like a male perplexing to save his bequest and during this season, he pennyless Peyton Manning’s, 40, record for most wins by a quarterback. Tom’s looked like he was holding his punish debate true to a NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas for Super Bowl 51.

Now, a Patriots will play a Atlanta Falcons in a NFL championship game. It’s going to be a good one. The diversion is set for 6:30 PM ET on Feb. 5, though there will be copiousness of fad heading adult to a large game.

Are we happy with who won this game, HollywoodLifers? Who do we wish to win a Super Bowl? Are we going to watch or are we going to skip it this year?