NBCUniversal’s International Crime Channel 13th Street Gets Brand Refresh With Help From Hans Zimmer

Digital and social, not a linear network, were a starting points for a expansion of a channel, that is renouned in Europe and Australia, to a “multiplatform crime brand.”

NBCUniversal International Networks’ crime and thriller channel 13th Street is removing a code refresh, including innovative social, digital and on-air wrapping and a bespoke soundtrack from nothing other than Hans Zimmer.

First launched in France 20 years ago, 13th Street is a pivotal ubiquitous channel for a association in vital European markets, such as Germany, Spain and Poland, as good as in Australia. It is localized in any of a markets where it airs.

The code evolution, on that a association has been operative for a past year, will visually stress a channel’s concentration on amour and a guarantee of stirring audiences. On a audio front, that will be highlighted with a use of song stoical by Bleeding Fingers, a ubiquitous TV and film audio prolongation outfit co-founded by Oscar leader Zimmer. His soundtrack underscores a array of code idents, brief videos used in Europe to give a channel a personality, combined for digital and on-air use.

Not everybody in Hollywood competence have listened of 13th Street, though a network carries such good famous U.S. shows as Law Order, Bates Motel and Aquarius. And latest multi-territory acquisitions Chance, a psychological thriller starring Hugh Laurie, and arriving murder-mystery play Loch Ness will launch on a new-look channel in a nearby future.

Given a strength of a network in many of a markets, one pivotal concentration of a code refurbish was not to chuck out all and risk alienating existent fans. In France, for example, a network, famous as 13eme Rue, is a series 2 compensate TV channel among adults ages 15-plus. In Germany, a channel also ranks as a series 2 compensate TV network. In Poland, where it is called 13 Ulica, it is a series 1 ubiquitous film and party channel, while a Spanish chronicle Calle 13 ranks in a tip 10 in that country.

“We have a unequivocally strong, successful brand,” NBCUniversal International arch selling officer Lee Raftery told The Hollywood Reporter. “we wanted to build on that. We are job this a code evolution. When we do a rebrand, we demeanour during new logos, changing roughly everything  here we have kept a trademark and some other elements, so it is an evolution. But we wanted to develop this pivotal channel from a linear channel into a multiplatform crime brand.”

Explaining a other factors job for an update, he said: “Channel brands develop over time, and we need to keep them fresh. We all take artistic impulse from any other, and other brands started picking adult elements from 13th Street, so we wanted to pierce it on. We wanted to residence a stream audience, though also enlarge it out and give it younger appeal.” Crime in ubiquitous skews older, though “there is copiousness of good calm that can askance younger,” he explained.

The code modernise is kicking off in France this weekend, where a network is about to entrance Shooter with Ryan Phillippe, followed by many other countries where a channel has a participation after in Mar and Australia in June. Each internal launch of a modernise will also underline internal premieres.

NBCUniversal’s brand modernise work didn’t start with a linear channel’s demeanour and feel as is typically a case. “The final time a association looked during a code was about 2010, and behind afterwards amicable wasn’t anywhere scarcely as absolute as it is today,” pronounced Raftery. “So for this, we wanted to flip a common routine around, take a fan-first proceed and start with what an extraordinary code would demeanour like on amicable and digital, and afterwards how competence that demeanour onscreen. We had never finished that.”

In terms of a music, “we wanted to constraint a stirring inlet and sound cinematic,” pronounced Raftery. “We kept entrance behind to pieces of song that we knew that Hans Zimmer had produced. So we approached him.”

Zimmer pronounced he was vehement to do work that was opposite from his wide-ranging contributions to a party courtesy over a years. “Contributing my possess audio fingerprint to a network code has been an extraordinary knowledge for me,” he said. “Having combined countless scores for TV shows and films, we was utterly intrigued to have a event to assistance set a 13th Street mood and furnish an evocative soundtrack, reinforcing a channel brand’s stirring identity.”

NBCUniversal International Networks also worked with artistic group Red Bee on a visuals for a code refresh. As distant as tone goes, a crime genre mostly uses reds, for blood, and blues, signifying police, though 13th Street went with a orange green. “We had a series of colors in a existent brands,” explained Raftery. “In sequence to compute ourselves from competitors, we motionless to use one of them, this green, as an accent tone and afterwards go heavily black-and-white, that we felt had a darker appeal. That will hopefully unequivocally mount out when we put it into social.”

To serve strengthen a brand’s edginess, a network blending a nudista rise to what it now calls “scar,” a rise featuring letters that have pointy cuts, or tiny white spaces. Uniquely, a new rise means a trademark can be “locked on” to uncover titles, reinforcing code tie for viewers. “From all a research, we don’t cruise anyone else has finished this,” Marco Giusti, comparison vp, creative, NBCUniversal International, told THR.

Other elements that are constituent to a developed code embody a visible “block out” device  inspired by a act of redaction  and zoom-in and zoom-out techniques, mirroring how investigators use magnification when exploring crime scenes.

“When we use this sparingly, it seems to squeeze your attention, since it is astonishing and we don’t give we a whole answer and let viewers do some work,” explains Raftery. “People in this genre don’t wish to be served adult everything. They wish to do some of a work themselves, they like personification investigator if we like.”

The network also will also use new idents. Typically, idents are linear 10-15 second stories, though Giusti and his group for 13th Street shot brief video snippets that can be put together in 50-plus ways. “We shot them meditative digital, amicable first,” he said. “They are modular that we can them put together in some-more ways.” The idents will uncover created questions, such as “Who do we trust?”  again to activate viewers. Overall, “we wanted a transparent visible demeanour that people would see and go ah, that’s 13th Street,” says Raftery.

One proceed to kindle viewers’ tie to a crime genre and a channel is around amicable media, including layering in thematic games and activities. Using a 360 video, for example, a network will underline a practical dungeon on a viewers’ Facebook feed. “You’re trapped in a groundwork cell. How do we get out?” a plea would say. When users pierce their phones around a practical room, they can find visible clues to assistance them escape, “hopefully inspiring people to attend and solve a situation, as we interest to their inquisitive abilities,” says Raftery.

In other amicable activations fans can opinion on what shun car they’d cite or that impression they would trust, he said. And a chatbot underline is also in a formulation stages.”

Giusti and Raftery pronounced starting a code examination routine with a amicable and digital side gathering a preference to use confidant colors and a wizz in and wizz out devices, heading to formula most opposite from past code updates they have done. “A lot of rebrands or refreshes tend to be utterly prescriptive, so we finish adult policing a code proceed some-more than we substantially should,” pronounced Giusti. “So this routine was unequivocally liberating though also challenging.”

Added Raftery: “We unequivocally welcome that we need to be some-more liquid and as prolonged as you’re loyal to beliefs of a brand, how it is practical can be a lot looser.”

Will a association use that proceed of starting with digital and amicable again? “The outcome of this one has been so opposite that we’d cruise and try it,” pronounced Raftery. Added Giusti: “I would positively disciple going down this route.”