Nature played pivotal purpose in timely execution of ‘Nenu Sailaja’

Tirumala Kishore says if it wasn’t for a co-operation of inlet ‘Nenu Sailaja’ could not have been finished on time.

Director Tirumala Kishore says if it wasn’t for a co-operation of inlet when it was indispensable a most, work on his stirring Telugu romantic-drama “Nenu Sailaja” could not have been finished on time.

“When we were about to start a Vishakhapatnam schedule, it was pouring so heavily that we had mislaid wish of sharpened there. However, on a day of a start of a schedule, it miraculously stopped raining and we managed to shoot,” Kishore told IANS.

The film, that stars Ram Pothineni and Keerthy Suresh in a lead, will recover in theatres on Friday (January 1).

“It started raining again a day after we finished a schedule. Of all a army that helped us in a creation of this film, we need to appreciate inlet a most. Something really identical happened when we were sharpened in Araku valley, too,” he said.

Kishore says “Nenu Sailaja” is not a cinematic adore story.

“It’s abandoned of a common stalking part we’ve seen in several Telugu films. When a film starts, a lead span is already in adore and a assembly transport with them on a journey,” he explained.

Both Ram and Keerthy have equal weightage in a film, and a executive pronounced it is that reason because a film was rechristened from “Harikatha” to “Nenu Sailaja”.

“Ram plays Hari, and a progressing pretension meant this is Hari’s story. However, we felt given a lead actors have equal significance in a story, we altered it to ‘Nenu Sailaja’, that means ‘Sailaja and I’. And this was some-more apt,” he said.

Talking about his lead actors, Kishore said: “Both of them were intensely good. A day before we started shooting, Ram told me that he will come as a purify line-up and we have to take caring of everything. He put all his faith in me and when we saw a initial duplicate of a film, he was thrilled.

“Keerthy, on a other hand, is a natural. The story compulsory someone who looks elementary and didn’t have to be glamorous. So instead of bringing somebody from north, we chose to work with her,” he added.