Nation urges women not to turn pregnant

Why Brazil Doesn't Want Its Women to Get Pregnant

Brazil is revelation women not to get pregnant. Yes, we review that right. That’s since women in Brazil who’ve been bitten by certain mosquitoes could put their babies during risk of carrying a mind disorder. It’s triggered by a Zika virus.

Brazil has had a problem with dengue heat in a past, that is also carried by a same mosquito. Before doctors beheld a risk of a mind disorder, there were few problems other than hectic symptoms and rashes compared with a Zika virus.

See a tip 5 cities for mosquitoes:

Six states in Brazil have announced a state of puncture since of a epidemic, that has putrescent about a million people — including hundreds of profound women and babies.

The illness isn’t local to a South American region, and a putrescent mosquitoes are doubtful to widespread north to a U.S. since they cite pleasant climates.

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