Natalie Portman Was Once Tricked Into A Private Plane Ride ALONE With A Producer — Who Brought A BED On Board!

Natalie Portman speaks out!

Natalie Portman is vocalization out to exhibit her possess knowledge with passionate nuisance in a industry.

While she didn’t name names, a A-lister non-stop adult during a Vulture Festival on Sunday to share an occurrence that happened with a writer on a private plane.

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She recounted:

“I had a writer entice me to go on a private craft with him, with his association somewhere we was going to. And afterwards we was like, ‘Yeah, because wouldn’t we accept a moody on a private craft with a large organisation of people?’ And we showed adult and it was only a dual of us and afterwards one bed was done on a plane. Nothing happened. we was not assaulted. we said, ‘This doesn’t make me comfortable’ and that was reputable though was super not OK. That was unequivocally unsuitable and manipulative. we was scared.”

That’s horrifying!!

Natalie also overwhelmed on a attack allegations entrance out in Hollywood, explaining because she thinks it took so prolonged for it all to come out:

“There are so many things that we took for postulated as partial of a universe until it altered a month ago. A lot of people have been wakeful of it for a prolonged time too, though also a lot of things that we only kind of put adult with for reasons of maybe only being dull to it from it being so pervasive or people being so dissapoint about it.”

The 36-year-old continued:

“It’s been good that everybody is finally articulate about it. we consider my initial greeting when we listened everybody entrance out was, ‘Wow, I’m so propitious that we haven’t had this.’ And then, on reflection, we was like, ‘OK, we really have never been assaulted, really not, though I’ve had taste or nuisance on roughly all I’ve ever worked on in some way. we went from meditative we don’t have a story to thinking, Oh wait, we have 100 stories. And we consider a lot of people are carrying these reckonings with themselves, of things that we only took for postulated as like, this is partial of a process… we consider each lady has gifted this kind of discrimination. People commenting on my physique all a time to me, from a time we was a child. Things that are not OK and not on a same turn of abuse though they have a really gentle improvement to taste where it’s not something we ever suspicion was a reportable offense.”

The Black Swan singer is only one of many stars to come out with her possess experience, and she really won’t be a last.

As some-more and some-more allegations continue to be revealed, we extol all a dauntless group and women who are opening adult to share their stories.

[Image around Brian To/WENN.]

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