Natalie Dormer Would ‘Almost Definitely’ Be Interested In Hunger Games Prequels — Under THIS Condition!

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Don’t count a whole Mockingjay expel out for some-more Hunger Games movies!

Last week, Jennifer Lawrence assassinated a hopes and dreams of all fans by observant she “wouldn’t be involved” in a prequel for a strike franchise!

But it looks like another flourishing member of Panem agrees with a Lionsgate execs who pronounced a array could “live on and on and on”!

Video: EXCLUSIVE Creepy Clip Of Natalie Dormer In The Forest!

Natalie Dormer, who plays insurgent Cressida in a films, pronounced she would “almost definitely” star in some-more installments of a authorization — though ONLY if a OG HG author Suzanne Collins was on board!

Speaking to EW, The Forest star said:

“I venerate Suzanne Collins for her aplomb and her imagination, and all that is a success of The Hunger Games, a genesis, it all comes from Suzanne. She wrote such a formidable universe and nonetheless during a same time had so many scenes that understanding with all a things we’re struggling with with a possess time and zeitgeist.

So I’m only a outrageous fan of Suzanne Collins and her writing, and we consider [Hunger Games producer] Nina Jacobson and [director] Francis Lawrence have both talked about this, though anything prequel, sequel, whatever would have to come from her and her penmanship. So a notation we know that Suzanne is essay something, afterwards yes, my ears would cut up. Almost definitely.”

It sounds like if a author signs adult for some-more films, Dormer will really be following suit!

While any Hunger Games films are J.Law-less as of now, a good to know not everybody from District 13 is down for a count only yet!

[Image around Lionsgate.]

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