‘Nashville’: Connie Britton Coming Back As Rayna’s Evil Twin? ‘Anything Could Happen’

‘Nashville’ fans everywhere had their hearts dejected on Feb. 23 when Connie Britton’s Rayna James flatlined after a intolerable automobile crash. However, only days after a singer certified that she could one day lapse to a show!

Connie Britton, 49, gave her Nashville fans only a teeniest, minute bit of wish that she would seem on a array again — following her beloved impression Rayna James’ black genocide on a Feb. 23 part — when she showed adult on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Feb. 27. However, she didn’t contend she’d be entrance behind as Rayna.

“Do we have any comforting news for your fans?” Stephen Colbert asked Connie. “Let’s try to make a morning papers. Is your character unequivocally dead or does she come behind as like her immorality twin with a goatee? Zombies are prohibited right now. Zombie Rayna?”

“Well, we consider these are good ideas actually,” Connie joked with Stephen before revelation him how “smart” he was. “Uh, she’s unequivocally dead,” a singer reliable to a late night horde before carrying to comfort him. “I’m sorry! I’m just, we know, we gotta like, we gotta tell it like it is. She’s unequivocally dead. But, we consider a twin sister is not bad. What if, we know — we meant it’s Nashville, anything can occur — what if a prolonged mislaid twin sister comes back? Oh and she is such a devil! Oh, she’s such a devil. She’ll come behind and be horrible,” Connie hilariously teased.

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On a some-more critical note, a star who played Rayna for 5 smashing years told her fans how beholden she was for their adore and support during her time on a show. “I would only contend to my fans, initial of all that we adore we so much. The uncover loves we so much, and that, we know, Rayna will live on forever. we feel so advantageous that we was means to play that character, truly, with all my heart. we adore that impression so much, and only like when we remove somebody in a lives, a suggestion lives on,” Connie said, removing utterly emotional. But Stephen, always discerning to abate a mood added,”And reruns.” Yes! Thank integrity for reruns!

HollywoodLifers, do we consider that Connie will ever lapse to Nashville in some way? Give us all your thoughts below!