Nani’s wife, Vishal urge Bigg Boss Telugu horde in Sri Reddy controversy

Nani wife, Vishal Sri Reddy controversyNani wife, Vishal Sri Reddy controversy Nani’s mother Anjana Yelavarthy also jumped to a invulnerability of her star father in Sri Reddy controversy.

Tollywood star Nani has been dragged into Tollywood’s casting cot controversy. Actor Sri Reddy, who has done critical allegations of passionate abuse opposite several bigwigs of a industry, recently named Nani in a scandal. Tamil Nadu Film Producers’ Council boss and actor Vishal has come to a invulnerability of Nani vouching for his character.

Vishal has demanded justification from Sri Reddy to behind her allegations opposite Nani. The actor pronounced he knows Nani personally, describing him as a “dignified” person.

“Sri Reddy should come brazen with justification of her accusations rather than only holding names. It seems like she’s picking her targets randomly. For all we know, we competence be a subsequent one to be named by her,” Vishal told Times of India.

In a meantime, Vishal also concurred a existence of casting cot in a film industry.

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Nani’s mother Anjana Yelavarthy also jumped to a invulnerability of her star husband. “The attention has been kind though it troubles me to see that once in a while there comes along someone who puts their broadside forward of other people’s lives. No1 believes those absurd statements anyway. It is abt how small they consider before spiritless themselves to such levels. (sic),” she tweeted reacting to a controversy.

Nani has released a authorised notice to Sri Reddy perfectionist an reparation from her for creation “baseless” allegations opposite him. Failing to do so, a Bigg Boss Telugu horde pronounced he would record a insult box opposite her.

Sri Reddy has also indicted Nani of operative behind a scenes to safeguard that she was not enclosed in a second deteriorate of Bigg Boss Telugu.

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