Nailing That Job Interview! This Will Help!

A bombshell new news out currently in a Los Angeles Times accuses Russell Simmons of teaming adult with his longtime crony Brett Ratner to rivet in alleged passionate nuisance and attack of mixed women.

The Times‘ news out currently suggested that it wasn’t only Ratner who was allegedly intimately assaulting and badgering women, as were the allegations we’d famous about for some time now — though his friend, song noble Simmons was also involved.

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One woman, named Keri Claussen Khalighi, has come brazen with a story that when she was 17 years aged and operative as a conform model, she had cooking one night in 1991 with Simmons and Ratner after a casting call.

After dinner, a span took Khalighi to Simmons’ unit to uncover her a song video they had been operative on, though once they got there, Simmons and Ratner began removing intensely intimately assertive — and, a indication alleges, Simmons ripped off her garments as Ratner watched.

Khalighi pronounced (below):

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