My online stalker: The feeling he could harm me never went away

Callum Blake-O'Brien

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Callum Blake-O’Brien combined some-more than 17 feign accounts to send violent messages

Stalker Callum Blake-O’Brien combined countless feign amicable media accounts to send women what prosecutors described as “unimaginably horrendous” messages. One teen left “emotionally numb” by his harsh abuse says he “handpicked” his victims to means limit distress.

“When we review it, we felt unequivocally sick. It was articulate about rape and torture.

“I took a screenshot. It was intensely prolonged and in intensely striking detail.”

Gemma, not her genuine name, told a BBC how she got her initial summary from him one night in Mar 2017, when she was in her bedroom.

“I usually review a initial few lines; we couldn’t review on and my relatives review a rest of it.

“My silent pronounced ‘you should go to a police’. we was freaked out.”

Gemma, who was afterwards 17, primarily wondered if a summary was “some kind of joke”.

She attempted to find out who had sent it, though a communication was from an unknown comment that had been deactivated.

“By a time we review it, he had already combined another comment and starting promulgation other unfortunate messages.

“The messages enclosed one revelation me we should not be fearful of dim alleyways since he elite a daylight.”

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He was given a 10-year confining sequence banning him from contacting any of his victims

They afterwards started to embody personal information about Gemma’s family, including her father’s work. One even mentioned her eye colour.

“I wrote behind ‘who is this?’ and asked ‘why are we doing this?'”

Blake-O’Brien, from Hereford, sent some-more violent messages in response.

Within days, her family had reported a messages to West Mercia Police.

Though Gemma went to a military hire armed with screenshots, she was unhappy by a officer’s response.

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“He told me a male was not a approach hazard to me and that there was no possibility of anticipating him since a substitute server was involved.”

She says he suggested deletion her Facebook account, that she was demure to do as she used it for her part-time job.

“I felt we was being discharged as a immature lady who was being overdramatic.”

The student, from Hereford, pronounced a second officer she saw took “a few weeks” to record a Child Exploitation and Online Protection report.

Reports are done by people or authorities disturbed about online abuse, or a approach someone is communicating online, and should be filed immediately.

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“The exclusion by a military done me feel even some-more isolated,” says Gemma, now aged 18.

“I did deactivate my comment a few times and kept restraint him though he combined new accounts.

“In all, he sent me about 75 to 100 messages from 5 opposite accounts.

“I became emotionally dull to a messages though a feeling he could harm me never went away.

“I felt like we couldn’t go out and became concerned – and I’ve never been concerned before.”

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Two of a messages sent to Gemma done her fear for her life

After a few weeks, a messages abruptly stopped. Apr and May upheld though incident, though a postpone was short-lived.

“I was on a phone to my crony when we got another summary ask in June. we knew accurately what it was and who it was from. we was devastated.

“It had given me a bit of fake wish when it stopped between Apr and Jun and we suspicion he had finally got a message.”

Gemma reluctantly went behind to a military though this time saw a womanlike officer and a investigator who she pronounced “took this seriously”.

“I consider she accepted his energy and how we was feeling.”

The officers shortly related a box to a military news by another lady who had perceived identical messages.

Two weeks after Blake-O’Brien was arrested.

“When we found out he was arrested in Hereford we totally pennyless down. It was a suspicion he could have walked past me mixed times,” Gemma recalls.

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Blake-O’Brien was jailed for 30 months during Worcester Crown Court

Her startle was serve compounded when officers told her a name of a think – it was someone who had famous her brother.

“He had handpicked all of us; possibly he knew us or had come into hit with us.”

The Crown Prosecution Service pronounced Blake-O’Brien targeted several women.

The 25-year-old knew some of a victims and was proficient with others, it said.

At Worcester Crown Court, he certified depends opposite 10 women and was last month given a jail judgment of dual and a half years.

Seven offences were of stalking involving a fear of violence, while 3 concerned promulgation an electronic communication of an faulty or grossly descent nature.

Blake-O’Brien will spent 15 months on licence, and was also handed a 10-year confining sequence banning him from contacting any of his victims.

He is serve taboo from regulating any device able of accessing a internet unless it has a ability to keep and arrangement a story of online use.

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Though relieved her stalker has been bought to justice, looking back, Gemma feels dissapoint about how a box was handled.

She wants Facebook to deliver a helpdesk so people can simply news online abuse and believes a police, charge and counterclaim warn had a “limited understanding” of how amicable media worked.

“[That] shouldn’t be a box as these crimes will boost in a future.

“I’m a teenage lady and we couldn’t suffer that whole year of my life.”

Det Insp Ross Jones, of West Mercia Police, urged anyone discontented with how they were dealt with by officers to board a censure with a force.

He also praised a victims for entrance forward.

“Their aplomb played a critical purpose in achieving this custodial sentence.

“Despite this, we know that victims of such crimes can knowledge long-lasting effects on their mental health and wellbeing.

“All of a people who reported Blake-O’Brien’s offences to us have been offering dilettante counselling to assistance them.

“West Mercia Police works tough to safeguard all officers know how to understanding with reports of offences like this, and will continue to do so.”