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Bojana Burnac’s documentary profiles universe champion free-diver Goran Colak.

Try holding your exhale as we start reading this. The contingency are that you’ll have given adult prolonged before we get to a finish of a review. Such would really not be a box for Coran Golak, a Croatian universe champion free-diver profiled in Bojana Burnac’s musical and nonetheless curiously routine documentary My Life Without Air, that recently perceived a universe premiere during Toronto’s Hot Docs.

Lacking exegesis or indeed many in a approach of dialogue, a film starts with an impediment sequence: Golak submerged in a tank while a throng watches and his tutor stands in a H2O subsequent to him. As a mins parasite by, a spectators turn increasingly tense, with a small child plaintively asking, “When will he stop?” The trainer, as if comforting a bleeding porpoise, kindly touches Golak’s back, charity such suggestions as “Don’t let a atmosphere out.” By a time Golak rises his face out of a water, apparently nothing a worse for wear, he’s hold his exhale for 22½ minutes.

We don’t indeed hear Golak pronounce until scarcely a half-way indicate of a documentary, though we do see him extensively training, receiving a massage and shred his conduct (presumably to raise his hydrodynamics). One beautiful method depicts him in an underwater swimming competition, as he propels himself by a H2O regulating usually his legs and looking as seemly as a dolphin.

Despite his soft-spoken demeanor, Golak clearly takes honour in his accomplishments. “I’m a alpha here,” he says about his purpose in his selected profession. The many we hear from him is when he talks to an central about a logistics of holding tenure of a new oppulance automobile he’s only won in a competition. Golak does report his early years, describing a harrowing childhood part when he roughly drowned after blacking out while holding his breath. In a arrange of irony that’s catnip for documentary filmmakers, Golak suffers from nap apnea, definition that though diagnosis he would mostly be as deprived of atmosphere while asleep.

His loyalty is illustrated in such scenes as when he matter-of-factly leans over a bathtub, coughing adult a blood that’s collected in his lungs. At another point, he laboriously trudges by a solidified forest, respirating by a snorkel and accompanied by his constant trainer.

But for all a evocative imagery, a film fails to yield many informational context, possibly about a outlandish competition or a people, including Golak, who contest in it. Visually elegant though mostly feeling as air-deprived as a shaven-headed subject, My Life Without Air would have benefited from some-more account oxygen.

Production: Restart
Director/director of photography: Bojana Burnac
Producer: Oliver Sertic
Executive producer: Tibor Keser
Editor: Jelena Maksimovic
Venue: Hot Docs

73 minutes





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