My Curious Case: Little-known micro DREZ best for haughtiness pain treatment

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Notes of: Dr Deepak Agrawal
Additional Professor, Neurosurgery
Chairman, Computerisation
AIIMS, Delhi

A 35-year-old studious with his right palm in a rope arrived to a sanatorium angry of serious pain. With good difficulty, he narrated a occurrence from 6 months ago when he had depressed on his right shoulder while roving a motorbike.

As a outcome of a accident, he had mislaid all control on his right top prong (upper extremity), creation him incompetent to pierce his hand. He was rushed to a circuitously sanatorium where doctors told him he had harmed his nerves and had suffered what is technically called a ‘brachial plexus’ injury.


Within a month of a accident, he began experiencing pain in his right palm all a approach adult to a elbow; by a subsequent week, a pain had turn roughly unbearable. Several visits to doctors and several measures were attempted though zero valid successful. Having mislaid all hopes and underneath impassioned depression, a studious arrived during AIIMS as his final resort.

Initial hearing valid that he had mislaid transformation and appetite in a whole limb. He clearly had haughtiness pain (brachial neuralgia).

A surgical procession called micro-DREZ (microscopic dorsal base entrance section ablation), that had been recently started during AIIMS, was adopted.

The surgery, a generation of that generally lasts dual hours, consists giving an rent on a neck in a cervical spinal cord along with a DREZ that kills a pathways to pain. Post surgery, a studious reported no detriment of pain, observant he could still not pierce his limb.

This was really startling and it felt as if a procession was a let-down. In such a case, a alloy can usually accept a outcome and see a occurrence as a training curve. Only, it wasn’t so much. The subsequent day on rounds, he pronounced that a pain had totally disappeared. In fact, sum removed in hindsight suggested that he was relieved of his pain shortly after a medicine though he certified that he was not nonetheless prepared to trust that it indeed had happened.

Micro-DREZ is used usually during a few centres in India and this box should ramp adult a practice. The procession is elementary in itself with a usually cause that might act as a reduction being a surgeon’s expertise. Of a 15 patients that this surgical procession has been conducted on in a past one year, 14 of them never reported experiencing any pain to date.

As told to Prashant Dixit