Music composer Mithoon: Creating song for Prabhudheva’s Mercury was a challenge

mithoonmithoon Music composer Mithoon says he had a good time component marks for Prabhudheva’s Mercury

Mithoon says component strain for a Prabhudheva starrer Mercury, a wordless thriller, was an brave routine for him.

“When a film came to me and we sat with a executive (Karthik Subbaraj), we realised a plea we was removing into. Creating strain for Mercury was an brave routine for me. we had to reconstruct strain that is metaphorically contemplative of a film’s narrative, though not a film. It was flattering interesting,” Mithoon told IANS.

“He wanted me to emanate a nine-minute square where a strain with a strain incorporates a deeper aspect of a account and a dance of a good Prabhudheva,” combined a “Tum hi ho” composer.

The film, that will recover on Apr 13, also facilities actor Sananth Reddy.

“I requested a lyricist Sayeed Quadri to keep a word ‘mercury’ in a strain and play around it. The word ‘mercury’ has to do with impetus as a strain has ups and downs, musically.”

“In a nine-minute piece, there is a partial that goes into finish overpower for a impulse and raises adult with zombie dance… of march by Prabhudheva. So yes, it is filled with low-pitched adventure,” pronounced Mithoon.

The lead star of a film, Prabhudeva, is also utterly pumped about a recover of a film, as he says a film will keep a viewers during a corner of their seats. The film is a thriller with no dialogues. While a Hindi recover has strain by Mithoon, a original’s strain has been stoical by Santhosh Narayanan.

(With inputs from IANS)

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