Mount Everest: Sherpa to try record 22nd climb

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Kami Rita Sherpa is anticipating to make story by climbing Mount Everest 22 times

For many people, scheming to stand a world’s tip towering would be a daunting knowledge diligent with unknowns.

But not for 48-year-old Nepali traveller Kami Rita Sherpa.

He will set off on Sunday aiming to mangle a record for a series of successful climbs to a tip of Mount Everest.

The stream record of 21 successful ascents is jointly hold by Kami Rita and dual other Nepali climbers.

But his associate countrymen have both retired, definition a successful limit could concrete his place as a world’s many gifted Everest climber.

“I am creation nonetheless another try to emanate story to make a whole Sherpa village and my nation proud,” he told Efe news organisation progressing this week.

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At 8,848m (29,029 ft) Mount Everest is a world’s tip peak

The mountaineer works as a beam for a US-based association that organises climbing expeditions.

He initial climbed Everest in 1994 and finished his many new stand final May.

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Foreign climbers customarily rest on assistance from gifted Sherpa guides like him.

They are paid to do things such as ready a route, repair ropes in place, and lift a required climbing kit.

Kami Rita will lead a organisation of 29 climbers from all over a universe during his attempt.

The group, that includes American and Japanese mountaineers, will set off for bottom stay on Sunday and will start a full stand dual weeks later.

Media captionClimbing Mount Everest while doing ‘keepy uppies’

When they strech a tip will count on a continue conditions.

“If all goes according to a plan, we will make a final limit pull on May 29,” Kami Rita told The Kathmundu Post.

But he says that he will continue to mangle annals even if a stand is successful.

“I will continue to stand Everest even if we set a record this year,” he told Efe, adding that his aim was to strech a limit 25 times.

“I wish to make history,” he said.